Question: Where Does Lake Country Lutheran Swim Team Practice?

What denomination is Lake Country Lutheran High School?

Lake Country Lutheran High School is owned and operated by The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee, which is comprised of Lutheran churches that together support the operation of its schools ( Lake Country, Martin Luther and Milwaukee Lutheran ).

Where is Lake Country Lutheran from?

Lake Country Lutheran High School is a highly rated, private, Christian school located in Hartland, WI. It has 387 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1.

What is Lake Country Wisconsin?

The portion of Waukesha County known as “ Lake Country ” is located up in the northwest corner and includes the communities of Pewaukee, Delafield, Hartland, Merton, Nashotah, Chenequa, Okauchee Lake, Oconomowoc, Summit, and Lac La Bell.

What is the deepest lake in Waukesha County?

Silver Lake is a 217 acre lake located in Waukesha County. It has a maximum depth of 40 feet.

How many lakes are in Lake Country Wisconsin?

There are technically over 140 lakes – WOW! The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has provided Lake Country Family Fun access to their excel document of the listing of all of the lakes in Waukesha County.

What is the deepest lake in the world?

Lake Baikal, in Siberia, holds the distinction of being both the deepest lake in the world and the largest freshwater lake, holding more than 20% of the unfrozen fresh water on the surface of Earth.

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Why is green lake so deep?

Green Lake has a maximum depth of 172.24 m (565.1 ft), making it the deepest natural inland lake in Wisconsin and the second largest by volume. The lake covers 29.72 km2 (7,340 acres) and has an average depth of 30.48 m (100.0 ft). Green Lake (Wisconsin)

Green Lake
Etymology Green appearance of the water
Part of Big Green Lake Watershed


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