Often asked: Where Is Milwaukee Lutheran High School?

What synod is Milwaukee Lutheran High School?

Milwaukee Lutheran High School
Type Private secondary Co-ed
Religious affiliation(s) Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod
Established 1903


How much does it cost to go to Wisconsin Lutheran High School?

Wisconsin Lutheran High School Photo #6 – Wisconsin Lutheran offers a number of volunteering and study trips locally, nationwide, and globally. Finances.

Endowment Size $13 million $23 million
Yearly Tuition (Boarding Students) $24,400 (11,200 Residence Fee ) $58,935
Yearly Tuition (Day Students) n/a $32,900


How many credits do you need to graduate Milwaukee Lutheran High School?

Graduation Requirements Red Knights are required to successfully complete forty-eight or fifty credits to receive a diploma. One credit is awarded for the successful completion of a semester course, and two credits are awarded for successful completion of a year-long course.

How many public high schools are in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee School District contains 38 high schools.

What is the best school in Milwaukee?

  • High School of Health Sciences. Wales, WI.
  • Whitefish Bay High. Whitefish Bay, WI.
  • Eisenhower Middle/High. New Berlin, WI.
  • Cedarburg High. Cedarburg, WI.
  • Carmen High School of Science and Technology. Milwaukee, WI.
  • Brookfield East High School. Brookfield, WI.
  • Reagan College Preparatory High. Milwaukee, WI.
  • Shorewood High.
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What is the best middle school in Milwaukee?

  • Whitefish Bay Middle School. Whitefish Bay School District, WI.
  • Bayside Middle School. Fox Point-Bayside School District, WI.
  • Shorewood Intermediate School. Shorewood School District, WI.
  • Greendale Middle School.
  • Downtown Montessori School.
  • Forest Park Middle School.
  • Longfellow Middle School.
  • Wauwatosa Montessori School.

How many students go to Milwaukee Public Schools?

Currently Milwaukee Public Schools is the largest school district in the state of Wisconsin with approximately 77,746 students as of 2018.

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