FAQ: Which Region Saw The Most Opposition To The Habsburgs From Lutheran Princes?

Where would you expect religious conflicts to take place?

Answer: Judging from the way the religions were distributed, religious conflicts will take place especially in those areas of confluence between different beliefs, either because several religions coexist simultaneously in the same territory or because a territory is considered sacred by several religions.

How did the German princes react to Martin Luther?

Martin Luther told German princes that he had nothing to do with the attacks and that his idea of rebelling was different than theirs. The people who survived being shut down by the German Princes, hated Martin Luther. What was the Peace of Augsburg?

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Which European power emerged the most weakened as a result of the religious wars of the period 1560 1610?

The Holy Roman Empire, encompassing present-day Germany and surrounding territory, was the area most devastated by the wars of religion.

Who benefited most from the religious controversy generated by the Reformation?

Who benefited most from the religious controversy generated by the Reformation? Centralizing monarchs because they gained more independent authority.

Why was Martin Luther unhappy with the sale of indulgences?

Luther became increasingly angry about the clergy selling ‘ indulgences ‘ – promised remission from punishments for sin, either for someone still living or for one who had died and was believed to be in purgatory. Luther had come to believe that Christians are saved through faith and not through their own efforts.

What did early reformers say about the church?

Protestant Reformation began in 1517 with Martin Luther Luther argued that the church had to be reformed. He believed that individuals could be saved only by personal faith in Jesus Christ and the grace of God.

How did Martin Luther start the Reformation in Germany?

The Reformation is usually dated to 31 October 1517 in Wittenberg, Saxony, when Luther sent his Ninety-Five Theses on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences to the Archbishop of Mainz.

Why did Luther burned the excommunication decree?

It was written in response to the teachings of Martin Luther which opposed the views of the Church. Luther refused to recant and responded instead by composing polemical tracts lashing out at the papacy and by publicly burning a copy of the bull on 10 December 1520. As a result, Luther was excommunicated in 1521.

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Why did the pope put a bounty on Luther’s head?

He also questioned the church’s ban against married priests. Further, Luther believed that the Church placed far too much importance on worshiping Mary, the mother of Jesus. Luther was deemed a heretic, excommunicated from the Church, and a bounty was placed on his head.

Who won the Thirty Years War?

The war finally ended with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. Austria was defeated, and its hopes for control over a Catholic Europe came to nothing. The Peace of Westphalia set the religious and political boundaries for Europe for the next two centuries.

What was the Council of Trent and what did it do?

The Council of Trent was the formal Roman Catholic reply to the doctrinal challenges of the Protestant Reformation. It served to define Catholic doctrine and made sweeping decrees on self-reform, helping to revitalize the Roman Catholic Church in the face of Protestant expansion.

Who won the religious wars?

This led to the War of the Three Henrys and later brought Spain to the aid the Roman Catholics. The wars ended with Henry’s embrace of Roman Catholicism and the religious toleration of the Huguenots guaranteed by the Edict of Nantes (1598).

Who broke away from the Catholic Church because of divorce?

King Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church because under their policies, he was not allowed to divorce his current wife.

Which of the following was one of Luther’s main beliefs?


Question Answer
Which of the following was a reason for the Reformation? c. The Catholic church was engaged in abuses such as Worldliness and selling indulgences
Which of the following was one of Luther’s main beliefs? d. Salvation was earned through faith in God.
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Which nation was not a rising power in Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries?

Paris. Which nation was not a rising power in Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries? Spain.

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